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|| Unplugged Superstar||

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Hands off! BACK OFF! Go away; SHOO!
[TAKERU] is  M.I.N.E!
And there's {NOTHING} you can do about it~

Hands off! BACK OFF! Go away; SHOO!
[イヴ] is  M.I.N.E!
And there's {NOTHING} you can do about it~


Name: Lindsey
Age: 19
About Me: I'm a second year college student studying to be a music performance major. I'm hoping to pick up a minor eventually in Japanese language. I'm hoping that one summer I can go and study abroad and live in Japan for a while. I'm bisexual and loving it. (I like having more choices bb.) I'm short, and working on trying to get myself less depressed and getting out more and getting my ass out of this chair. haha. <3 I'm nice, but I can be just a little stupid, and i'm just plain awful with words. Please dont hold it against me. Just be kind and sweet and I'm sure we'll get along just fine. ♥
FO banner: rinjii_desu YES THATS RIGHT. I MADE IT! :D [proud]
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Likes: jrock, alice nine., the gazette, sug, miyavi, LM.C, yaoi, fanfiction, music, cello, bass guitar, Tora, Takeru, Capslock, video games, things that make me laugh, friends, being me, gir, cute fuzzy things, hats, BEING DIFFERENT, Japanese culture, speaking Japanese and writing it, studying, music theory (even though i suck at it), college life, Chatting online, MSN, funny things and many more.

liars, evil ex boyfriends, sarcasm (only when used against me, bb.), overly competitive people, people who nag, FUCKING ELITIST FANS, homophobes, FUCKING DRAMA, and people who hate in general.
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